Gloss Silver Button Dropper Pipettes

It's that time of year where things sparkle and shine, silver and gold are a craze and here at Richmond we're super proud to be adding to that glow!

Please welcome the all-new-shining Button Dropper Pipettes to the range... [crowds cheering]

Stunning. The GL18 Gloss Silver Cosmetic Button Dropper Pipette is a super-premium dispensing pipette, suited to our entire GL18 Glass Dropper Bottle range. Ideal dispensing closure for oils and serums. The button dropper pipette has a sleek look whilst still keeping practical and user friendly. Keep an eye out for new colours!

Packaging is A1 - you may have heard this time and time again but with increasing brands filling the shelf, how will you make yours stand out? It is key to understand that product packaging does influence consumer behaviour and is among the best marketing tools to directly communicate and influence customers. With a fresh year ahead, here is your chance to get into the limelight on those shelves!

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