50ml clear glass skincare jar ideal for skin creams and balms.

New and Improved 50ml Richmond Jar


The 50ml Richmond Jar, a cosmetic glass jar ideal for skin creams, has had a makeover - if you can spot the difference!

What's new about this 50ml glass jar?

One of the significant changes requested by users was an improved brimful capacity - and here it is, a marginally taller jar giving a perfect 63ml brimful, allowing a 50ml fill even when using with a shive. Even with more capacity though, an exact 50ml fill still makes the jar look full, as the level is out of sight within the neck of the jar.
Reduced breakages? The homework has been done - these jars will arrive carefully packed in individual cell sets for the best protection and reduced wastage.

Products this case study features:

Matching closures

Still with a standard R3/58 neck size, the redesigned 50ml Richmond Jar is compatible with a huge range of closures.

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Use a shive?

The 50ml jar is still compatible with the matching shive, which has been a popular item when using the jar for skin creams or similar - it helps keep the inside of the lid clean.

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What's staying the same as the old jar?

What has been asked for is a jar that still uses the same kind of high-quality cosmetic glass, still has a standard neck size (R3/58) for huge closure compatibility, and still fits in with the rest of the Richmond Jar range.

Of course, there's also a great range of decoration options available too - from spraying the whole jar a solid or a translucent colour, through to printing, and many other ways of stamping your brand onto the pack!