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Glass Packaging Defects and How to Identify Them
Quality and Compatibility Glass Packaging Terminology Packaging Problems

Defects in the construction of your glass bottles and jars are relatively rarely seen these days, with the huge improvements in quality control. However, when...

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Demystifying PETG - How does it differ from PET and can you recycle it?
Sustainability and Recycling Resin Identification Codes

What is the difference between PET and PETG? Find out the basics of the two polymers and their effects on the environment...

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Which is Better, Direct Printing or Clear Labelling?
Leaking Primary Packaging - Causes, Solutions, and Prevention
It's Hot! - and PET Bottles Don't Like It
How to Match a Bottle or Jar with a Closure: Neck and Closure Threads and Dimensions Explained
What Will the UK's Plastic Packaging Tax Mean for You?
Why does Scuffing Sometimes Occur on Polypropylene (PP) Closures?
Glass Jars and Bottles - the Sustainable Choice?
Why Successful Cosmetics Brands are Suddenly Taking Mini Tester Packs Seriously
Why We Believe Moisturising is as Important as Brushing Your Teeth