200ml recyclable PP Stanton Jar with monomaterial lid and shive.

NEW 200ml Size for the Stanton Jar Range


Supersize your impact, not your carbon footprint. Like the rest of the monomaterial Stanton jar range, the new, larger 200ml size is made entirely from PP - jar, shive and lid - making the whole pack easily recyclable in current household recycling schemes in the UK.

Stanton is now well-established as a range of cosmetic-quality, thickwall PP jars, which come with matching PP lids and shives. This range makes it very achievable to get a fully monomaterial pack which consumers can easily recycle at home, in the white and natural colours (they don't even have to separate the components).

What's been missing from the range, is a size to suit the body creams, butters, balms, scrubs, face masks, hair masks, and so on, that usually come in a larger format.

So, by popular request... please welcome the 200ml Stanton Jar!

Sustainable Product - monomaterial PP
Recyclable symbol - Mallaig flush overcaps are 100% polypropylene so easily recyclable in council recycling schemes in the UK
Products this case study features:

Meet the new jar

Cosmetic, stunning, sustainable. With the white and natural versions of this new 200ml jar being easily recyclable in standard household recycling, even with lid and shive included, this is an easy way to promote positive consumer recycling behaviour.

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The Stanton System

15ml, 50ml, and now 200ml - the Stanton Jar family is growing. Take a look and be inspired by this versatile range!

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What makes Stanton jars different?

Stanton jars are a great choice for skincare and cosmetics, because so often easily-recyclable, sustainable options in today's market have a slightly second-rate feel to them. Not with Stanton.

The Stanton range is designed from a high-quality, recyclable PP, including the base jar, and the lid and shive which are also available to complete the pack. In addition, it has been given a thickwall, slightly heavyweight feel, and a timeless, straight-sided, sharp-cornered design. This means in practice, when it's sitting on the shelf (or being viewed on your brand's website), it will have a high-quality look, and then when the end user picks up the product, the weight, strength and quality of the pack will never let them down.

A great range to back up your brand identity - it delivers on all its promises!

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Stanton is a fantastic option - and there are other ranges too, which you can explore. You're sure to find something that ticks the box, and if not, you can easily reach out to discuss your project further with our expert team.