Frequently asked questions

What is the handling/shipping cost when ordering?

Our admin and handling charge is £30 on orders under £750 ex VAT to UK Mainland.  For UK Mainland excluding Highlands and Islands, there is no additional delivery cost on top of the admin and handling charge.  When outside of UK Mainland, the admin, handling and delivery cost will be quoted per individual requirement.

What delivery service do you use?

Richmond uses a 1-day service for delivery.  Please note this is working days, and deliveries are not attempted on Saturday or Sunday. Delivery to Highlands, islands or countries outside of the United Kingdom will need a delivery date estimate from our logistics team.

Do you export around the world?

Yes, Richmond has an large number of international clients, and provide reliable deliveries internationally through our excellent logistics network connections. Due to cost fluctuations, carriage costs are quoted on a per-order basis to achieve the most economical pricing at time of shipping.

What are your minimum order quantities?

The minimum order quantity of bottles and jars is one case. This is to keep the packaging intact and the product clean. The pack quantities can be seen on each product page. The minimum order quantities for most closures (except pipettes, see below) is just 100pcs, although there are some exceptions, where the packaging requires to be kept intact for product protection.

What is the minimum pipette order quantity?

This does vary between the pipettes ranges, however pipettes are generally assembled to order as we offer so many different options of colour, material and tube length. The minimum run quantity for the pipette ranges with codes starting A09, B04, B24, BM040, BG040, W04, W24, WM040 and WG040 is 500pcs, and the A08 range comes in boxes of around 1000pcs.

Can I make a return?

Yes certainly. For returns of items delivered as ordered in good condition, there is usually a re-stocking charge of 15%, and we would usually request that you arrange the return carriage.  In any other instance, Richmond ensure that we take careful responsibility for our actions, and will be glad to discuss any actions required in the event of a non conformance.

Does Richmond offer decoration services?

Yes, we are experts in decoration, covering a broad spectrum of printing, spraying, foiling, labelling and other special effects. The starting minimum order quantity for any decoration is 5000pcs per SKU. Richmond needs to see your artwork before providing you with a quote for the job.

Are there variations on quantity of decorated goods I finally receive?

Yes, due to the production and quality processes, some decoration processes will result in a final shipping quantity of plus or minus 10% of the original order quantity. This will be advised prior to shipping.

Does Richmond offer diptube cutting for atomisers and pumps?

Yes, we have specialist machines for cutting diptubes to length. We can discuss this with you to ensure the pump can get as much of your product out of the container. There is usually a charge for this service, and the minimum quantity is 500pcs. You can also find out more about diptube terminology here.

Does Richmond offer labels and outer packaging?

No, we focus on what we are good at, which is rigid glass and plastic packaging, and the associated dispensers.

Is my formulation (or product) compatible with your containers and closures?

The final responsibility for testing is with our customers, as formulations have differing properties which may or may not be compatible with a particular container.  Even 100% natural products can have a powerful effect on certain materials.  Richmond have a wide range of products available in a good selection of materials, so we trust that you will find a product which proves to be compatible with your requirements, once you have conducted your testing!