The New 3ml Croy Vial - the Perfect Tester Dropper Pack

The New 3ml Croy Vial - the Perfect Tester Dropper Pack


You're trying to create a premium experience for a skincare or cosmetics tester pack? This could be the answer. The 3ml Croy vial is perfect for small tester packs of oils, serums or CBD products, letting your customers try your products for less initial cost.

The Croy Vial is Richmond's latest innovative product launch. With so many skincare and personal care brands now embracing small tester packs as a way of attracting new customers, a very small yet premium dropper bottle and pipette pack could prove to be an extremely useful product for many beauty brands. The Croy Vial allows for 3ml of liquid, and is designed to be paired with our compatible ribbed pipettes. The pipette closure means that the amount of liquid dispensed can be very easily controlled, by changing how much pressure you put on the bulb. It gives a precise image - presenting your product in a premium light, in a miniature version.

Croy Vials are suited to liquid formulations such as oils and serums. They could also be used for CBD formulations that are too strong to be put in a larger container.

Products this case study features:

The Range

Croy Vials are available in clear glass or amber glass, and can be paired with either black or white ribbed pipettes.

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What customisation options are available?

From a certain MOQ, custom decoration is available for Croy Vials. This means that you can stamp your brand right onto the pack - even although it's a miniature! Please contact us if you would like to look at a custom decorated Croy Vial pack.