100ml Travel Size Packs: Coming to an End, or Here to Stay?

100ml Travel Size Packs: Coming to an End, or Here to Stay?

In the UK, airports have until June 2024 to install new scanners that mean you can take liquids larger than 100ml in your hand luggage - and you'll even be able to leave them in your bag going through security! Here we take a closer look at what this might mean for the 100ml 'travel size' pack.

Will the new rules mean the end of 100ml size?

Last week, London City Airport became the first major UK airport to install the new scanners and let travellers take liquids larger than 100ml (up to 2 litres), and also to leave them in their carry-on bags! And all UK airports will have to follow suit by June 2024. So does that mean the end of the 100ml 'travel size' pack?

It's an interesting question - and maybe one that we don't have the answer for just yet.

When you get significant changes like this, you'll have found, just as we have, that it helps to go back to the basic principles. OK, so come June 2024, people won't need to limit liquids to 100ml for their hand luggage any more - that may open the door to bigger pack sizes for the convenience items that usually are carried in hand luggage, or on shorter trips.

But let's not forget that 'travel packs' were a thing long before the 100ml liquid restrictions were brought into force in 2006. The convenience of having something that fits easily into a handbag or pocket is not going to change. Bear in mind also, that until all airports are compliant, it will take time to get people trusting in the rules and to be sure that they're not going to have their 125ml cream whipped from them on the return journey! Other countries may also have different timescales for adopting the scanner technology, so for holidays abroad, it may take even longer to smooth out.

On the other hand, the freedom and flexibility of being able to take your favourite skincare product on the plane without having to worry about what size it is (hooray!), will surely lead many to simply buy the larger 'normal' size packs that they usually would, when not travelling.

So in conclusion, it's back to basics again, we simply have to keep close to our consumers to understand their buying. Are they only buying small-size because they need to take it in hand luggage? Then it might be time to review your range. On the other hand, is your sub-100ml pack size a super-handy size for carrying around, or the perfect amount of product to buy at one time? Then we can't see much change in buying behaviour happening there.