Why We Believe Moisturising is as Important as Brushing Your Teeth

06/08/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

It's a tough world we live in, in many ways. Take skincare for example - there are so many factors all around us that can...

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Storing PET Bottles: Eight Things That Might Catch You Out

03/07/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

PET is a surprisingly sensitive material.  With many PET bottles currently being...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - The Recyclability of Aluminium

12/02/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

There are many arguments around the features and environmental...

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What is PCR Packaging?

20/01/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

PCR means Post-Consumer Recycled material  - in simple terms, it is packaging that is being given a second...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - the Recyclability of Black Plastic

08/07/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

Until recently, black plastic was unable to be detected by infrared sensors in sorting facilities. As a result, the plastic was led to general waste...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - Recycling Codes

29/05/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

Recycling is becoming more and more important as we tackle the world’s waste problem. Many people do not understand what can be recycled...

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Technical Commentary - What is Blooming or Weathering on Glass Containers?

18/05/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

A glass container may sometimes be affected by a phenomenon is known as "weathering" or "blooming” and occurs due to the presence of water on...

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What is the difference between a lotion pump and an airless pump?

12/02/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

Recently we had a conversation with one of our premium cosmetic skincare customers on the key differences between a lotion pump and an airless pump...

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Airless Dispensing - Protecting your product

08/10/2018 Glossary / F A Qs

Airless packaging has become a necessity for sensitive formulations, with particular focus on the skincare, cosmetic, and personal healthcare industries...

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Foam Dispensers and Soft Touch Bottles

31/07/2018 Glossary / F A Qs

Our foam dispensers are a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid into a foam. They feature two chambers, one for liquid and one for air...

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Why do beauty brands create small volume packs?

23/03/2018 Glossary / F A Qs

When it comes to pack size, there are all sorts of views and reasons for debating in the beauty industry – big and lasting, small and convenient!

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What are the benefits of glass packaging?

16/02/2018 Glossary / F A Qs

With today's emphasis on alternatives to plastic packaging, many ask the question...Why glass?

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Diptube Terminology Explained

24/10/2017 Glossary / F A Qs

Getting the correct length of a foam pump or atomiser is really important to the final...

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The magical GlassPET explained

08/06/2017 Glossary / F A Qs

When it comes to container material, and your specification is something premium...

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What is a pipette?

20/04/2017 Glossary / F A Qs

There are many different packaging terms out there, and it can all become...

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Disctops vs. Fliptops - what is the difference?

23/02/2017 Glossary / F A Qs

The name really says it all! But what are the points of...

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Container vs Closure: Managing the Gap

10/01/2017 Glossary / F A Qs

It is a common request when specifying primary packaging to have the cap as close as...

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Material Properties Chart - understand your packaging

15/12/2016 Glossary / F A Qs

Ever wondered 'what can this material withstand?'  Richmond are...

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How glass bottles are made

14/12/2016 Glossary / F A Qs

When it comes to the actual process behind the finished product, do you know what went...

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Do you know the different seal types?

11/11/2016 Glossary / F A Qs

When it comes to necks and seals and threads and compatibility do you have enough...

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