Leaking Primary Packaging - Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

05/08/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

To begin with, we're going to give you one bold statement from the experts: a correctly designed and specified pack should not ever...

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It's Hot! - and PET Bottles Don't Like It

18/07/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

PET is a very sensitive material, which seems suprising. With the current weather in the UK being comparatively very hot, some...

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How to Match a Bottle or Jar with a Closure: Neck and Closure Threads and Dimensions Explained

27/05/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

To get a compatible pack, for example a bottle and pump, or a jar and lid, you need to have...

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Glass Packaging Defects and How to Identify Them

29/04/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

Defects in the construction of your glass bottles and jars are relatively rarely seen these days, with the huge improvements in quality control. However, when...

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What Will the UK's Plastic Packaging Tax Mean for You?

18/02/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

Will I have to pay the UK's plastic packaging tax when it is introduced on 1st April 2022? The answer is, only if...

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Why does Scuffing Sometimes Occur on Polypropylene (PP) Closures?

23/08/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

Closures are the finishing touch to your packaging for your product. However, sometimes scuffing happens on caps, which can be so impractical and blemish the look of your premium beauty product. Find out why this happens and...

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Demystifying PETG - How does it differ from PET and can you recycle it?

27/07/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

What is the difference between PET and PETG? Find out the basics of the two polymers and their effects on the environment...

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How Will the UK's Plastic Packaging Tax Affect You?

14/05/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

Will I have to pay the UK's plastic packaging tax when it is introduced on 1st April 2022? The answer is, only if...

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Glass Jars and Bottles - the Sustainable Choice?

03/03/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

Glass has the reputation of being an eco-friendly choice, while plastic suffers negative press. Is this justified when...

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Why Successful Cosmetics Brands are Suddenly Taking Mini Tester Packs Seriously

17/02/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

In a luxury market where a discerning consumer thinks nothing of paying £25 or more for a single jar of face cream, premium brands used to offer testers at the beauty counters of every high street retailer. But those...

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Why We Believe Moisturising is as Important as Brushing Your Teeth

06/08/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

It's a tough world we live in, in many ways. Take skincare for example - there are so many factors all around us that can...

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Storing PET Bottles: Eight Things That Might Catch You Out

03/07/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

PET is a surprisingly sensitive material.  With many PET bottles currently being...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - The Recyclability of Aluminium

12/02/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

There are many arguments around the features and environmental...

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What is PCR Packaging?

20/01/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

PCR means Post-Consumer Recycled material  - in simple terms, it is packaging that is being given a second...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - the Recyclability of Black Plastic

08/07/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

Until recently, black plastic was unable to be detected by infrared sensors in sorting facilities. As a result, the plastic was led to general waste...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - Recycling Codes

29/05/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

Recycling is becoming more and more important as we tackle the world’s waste problem. Many people do not understand what can be recycled...

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Technical Commentary - What is Blooming or Weathering on Glass Containers?

18/05/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

A glass container may sometimes be affected by a phenomenon is known as "weathering" or "blooming” and occurs due to the presence of water on...

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What is the difference between a lotion pump and an airless pump?

12/02/2019 Glossary / F A Qs

Recently we had a conversation with one of our premium cosmetic skincare customers on the key differences between a lotion pump and an airless pump...

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Airless Dispensing - Protecting your product

08/10/2018 Glossary / F A Qs

Airless packaging has become a necessity for sensitive formulations, with particular focus on the skincare, cosmetic, and personal healthcare industries...

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Foam Dispensers and Soft Touch Bottles

31/07/2018 Glossary / F A Qs

Our foam dispensers are a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid into a foam. They feature two chambers, one for liquid and one for air...

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