NEW Premium Thickwall PP, Recyclable Cosmetic Jar Range: Meet The Stanton Jar


Being eco-friendly and finding the perfect packaging for your skincare products can be a challenge. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to this thickwall polypropylene skincare jar range, which is still recyclable even when paired with a PP lid and a shive too!

Stanton Jars - Premium Cosmetic Plastic Jar Skincare Brand Polypropylene recyclable  - Richmond containersThickwall polypropylene skincare jars are a really well-balanced combination of style and sustainability. Not only does their matt finish look great on the shelf and feel high-quality when picked up (they're just a touch 'heavyweight' to hold), but they also offer excellent protection for your product during shipping and storage. This makes them a fantastic alternative to glass, if you are looking for something that's lighter weight overall, and less likely to suffer breakages in transit. Stanton Jars - Premium Cosmetic Plastic Jar Skincare Brand Polypropylene recyclable  - Richmond containers

We're offering white, black, and a 'frosted' natural finish as standard, but you'll also see there's a very low MOQ for creating jars in your very own custom colour - just 5,000pcs in most cases! This makes it easy to experiment and test this as a pack for your new range - or to re-package an existing, of course. There is a lot of flexibility built in, with the 15ml having a standard R3/38 neck type for compatibility with a large range of closures. The 50ml is similar, with an R3/58 neck, and even a matching shive - and as we mentioned before, the best bit is how the jar, lid, and shive can all be selected in the PP material - so you then can give your customers the clearest, easiest possible recycling instruction.

Fully recyclable

Even when paired with a lid and shive.

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Premium design

Custom masterbatch colour and printing available, with low MOQs allowing flexibility and test-first projects.

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The Stanton first made its debut at the PCD London show in 2022, where if you were lucky enough, you might have seen the original 'Your Stanton. Your colour.' strapline. This is one of the key things about the range - that you can experiment with your colour from (usually) just 5,000pcs. Add to that of course, that it's gone through rigourous testing with different print and labelling methods, and you have a jar that's easy to make your own.

A perfect jar for a skin cream, moisturiser, night cream... and more - while the smaller 15ml size also makes a cute sample size (with the online effect we talked about last year still increasing, even now when we thought most would have already made the switch).

So here you have it! - the Stanton range; your colour, your way - without compromising either your premium look and feel, or your recyclability.

Stanton Jar - Premium Cosmetic Thick Wall Plastic Jar Skincare Brand Polypropylene recyclable  - Richmond containers