packaging decoration

When you need to stand out on the shelf, having an inspirational brand is a fantastic start. The next challenge is getting that brand to come to life in your products' primary packaging. Knowing and choosing the right decoration technique to stamp your brand onto your pack (and stamp it into that sweet spot in your customers' hearts and memories) is vital.

(Please note that the MOQ for most decoration projects is 5,000 pcs per SKU or above, with the exception of embossing or custom colour polymer masterbatch, which are likely to be higher. Please enquire for specific details on your project.)

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Printing Services from Richmond Containers. Direct pad printing onto closures, screen printing onto jars for skin creams, digital printing options for cosmeceutical bottles

Pad printing, screen printing, digital printing. Are you certain of the best way to get your message directly onto the pack? Printing is a popular option, one which preserves visibility of the pack itself, often a key factor in enhancing the brand image. Multiple colour matching and combining with other decoration techniques, along with gloss/matt finish options, means an almost limitless list of possible effects. Printing can cover a huge range of plain, frosted or coloured glass, closures and more!

foil blocking

Foil Blocking from Richmond Containers. Metallic and solid colour films available

Foil blocking provides a range of finishes - often a metallic appearance such as gold, silver, rose gold or bronze. Beyond this, there is actually a huge range of foils, including solid colours, which provide a premium, high quality finish with the extra dimension of deep sheen which foiling uniquely provides. This is why it remains very popular, although more costly than standard printing. Special effects such as holographics are also available, which may even serve an anti-counterfeiting purpose.


Labelling Services from Richmond Containers. Solid colour, invisible transparent, and special effects labels available

Pack labelling may have been underrated in the past, but it is finally coming into its own. The labels shown here are plain white - that suits the required effect for this brand. However, beyond solid plain colours, labels are also available in many special effects (a huge range from metallic and pearlescent, through to a vintage look and textured feel), as well as translucent and also 'invisible' transparent materials which allow a print-like effect. Custom shapes are also possible, allowing extra scope for creativity.

colour coating

Solid colour coated bottle from Richmond Containers. Translucent colours are available and frosted glass bottles and jars.

When you want to stamp your brand colour all over your pack, a great way to achieve this is colour coating. The above bottle has been finished in a stunning matt black, although of course an enormous range of colours can be achieved. It is worth knowing that many different finishes exist, from matt to gloss, and also translucent colours. The process usually includes colour matching to your existing brand colour references.


Frosted bottle from Richmond Containers. Translucent colours are available and solid colour coated glass bottles and jars.

Frosting is another coating process that gives an appearance very similar to acid etching, but without some of the perceived complications of using the acid process. Frosted glass has a naturally premium quality look, and can be a neat way to present that to your clients while maintaining the sustainability of your pack (frosted glass is still recyclable in the normal way).

embossing / debossing

Embossed jar closures from Richmond Containers. Embossing and debossing help to create tactile connections with customers in skincare primary packaging

The sense of touch is extremely powerful, and the resulting 3D profile, which embossing or debossing creates, allows a 'real' tactile experience for your customers. This helps to build an emotional connection with your brand, as well as a perception of quality which cannot always be conveyed through a flat print or label. Note that embossing is a raised design, while debossing is an indented design.

soft touch

Soft touch foam bottles from Richmond Containers. Soft touch creates a premium feel with skincare primary packaging

This effect really needs to be felt, to be understood. By slightly softening the hard surface of your pack, you project a sense of soft luxury to your consumer, both when they pick up your pack for the first time, and as they continue to use it - although they may not consciously notice. This has worked particularly well with foam bottles, where the softness echoes the silky foaminess of the dispensed product.


Metallising services from Richmond Containers. Metallic finishes provide flexibility for luxury finishes on primary packaging.

Metallisation allows a bottle or closure to take on that deep reflective sheen that only metal can provide. The process ensures that actual metal particles are deposited on the surface, for a top quality look and feel. While gold, silver, rose gold and bronze metallising may be the most common, some beautiful coloured metal finishes are also very easy to achieve and even colour-match, as with this purple closure here.

masterbatch colour

Masterbatch colouring services from Richmond Containers. Masterbatch colouring allows flexibility to colour match plastic primary packaging for skincare to existing brand references.

Coloured masterbatch allows your plastic bottles or jars to be colour matched to your existing brand colour references, without using a coating. Coatings may obviously be more subject to external wear and tear over time. Colour masterbatch is the solid additive used to colour the plastic polymer in the early stages of the manufacturing process, therefore the colour is imparted to the material itself.

Knowing the different methods allows you to create extra points of difference over competing brands, and make your brand stand out in the field for the right reasons - and on a crowded shelf or webpage, every little helps! Knowing which one to introduce for your specific product and market is a tricky business though - and that's where we can help...