Why We Believe Moisturising is as Important as Brushing Your Teeth

It's a tough world we live in, in many ways. Take skincare for example - there are so many factors all around us that can dry out our skin. Heat. Cold. Air conditioning. Even alcohol hand sanitiser (please don't get us wrong, sanitiser is absolutely essential in the current situation).

Using moisturiser is so important - a healthy skin is a barrier to infection, and dry, chapped skin does not perform this job so well. Maintaining skin moisture is therefore just as important as brushing your teeth.

Moisturising with a carefully-chosen moisturiser also keeps skin looking young, protects against sensitive skin conditions as well as sunburn, and can help fight acne - adding moisture can stop the glands from producing that extra oil which makes skin feel greasy and prone to spots. It even affects mood - who can deny that you feel better when you have a healthy, glowing skin and know that you look your best?

So if you're a skincare brand owner, designer, or contract manufacturer/filler, we're right by your side, and as a packaging solutions provider, we'll support your requirements through our expertise and extensive ranges of packaging for all types of skin moisturiser.

Take advantage of our sevices in creativity, technology, and project management, for the ultimate full-service experience in packaging supply.

View our ranges below for the various moisturiser types:

Airless Packs

Including the new Mystique Mia pump head, pictured below. Airless pump packs help to protect sensitive moisturiser formulations by reducing contact with air.

Airless pump packs help to protect sensitive moisturiser formulations by reducing contact with air - much more than a standard lotion pump.  This includes the new Mystique Mia pump head from Richmond.

Other Ranges:

Iona range of bottles in premium PET plastic - GlassPET® material
Fully recyclable cosmetic glass jars - the Richmond Jar range.  Complete with a range of accessories such as shives and metallic closures for a premium finish
Premium cosmetic glass dropper bottle range.  Skye dropper bottle range from Richmond Containers

Iona Bottle Range

Premium quality GlassPET® material (PET plastic with a glass-like finish)

Richmond Jar Range

Beautiful glass jar range with sleek aesthetics.  A complementary range of closures, shives and spatulas is available to complete the luxury feel.

Dropper Bottle Range

Cosmetic quality glass dropper bottles, for the ultimate sustainable moisturiser pack