NEW Spirit and Evoke Recyclable Airless Pump Bottles

NEW Spirit and Evoke Recyclable Airless Pump Bottles


Let's take everything you love about airless dispensing - and then make the whole pack easily recyclable (yes, in standard household recycling) for your consumers!

Using monomaterial polypropylene (PP), both the Spirit and Evoke airless ranges are fully recyclable once empty. Couple that with everything that you love about airless dispensing - the sleek way that the head fits the bottle; the better evacuation of the pack which helps to cut down product wastage; and the more precise dosage with each stroke... what a winning combination!

Spirit and Evoke airless pump dispensers from Richmond are monomaterial polypropylene (PP) hence they are easily recyclable
Sustainable Product - monomaterial PP
UK/Europe Manufactured symbol - Richmond Containers
Recyclable symbol - Spirit and Evoke bottles are 100% polypropylene so easily recyclable in council recycling schemes in the UK


The Spirit range of recyclable airless pump bottles is made from monomaterial polypropylene, making it recyclable in standard UK houshold recycling schemes.

The Spirit range has a glossy, slimline elegance and a neat range of sizes to take in specialist formulations, or samples, right up to mid-size packs. The options cover 15ml, 30ml and 50ml sizes. The overcaps can be in white, for a sleek and simple silhouette, or clear to emphasise the classy pump head and ensure the user immediately identifies with pack.


Evoke Airless Packs from Richmond are fully recyclable in standard household recycling schemes. They are made from monomaterial PP (polypropylene)

The Evoke range features a squat, striking design to give your product attention-grabbing shelf presence. Its sizes range from the mid-size 50ml, all the way up through 75ml, 100ml and 150ml, right up to 200ml - to cover a fantastic range of product types and ensure consistency throughout your range. The Evoke range comes in a matt finish.

make these airless packs your own

Your very own. There are many customisation options available for these ranges, allowing you to make them unique. Firstly, PCR content is available - 30% or 50% levels - and the resulting product is still recyclable, so another sustainability boost. Black, white and natural (similar to a frosted effect) are the standard finishes, but custom masterbatch colours are on offer, as well as a matt option for the Spirit range, which as standard comes with a gloss finish.

Once you've selected your pack, as usual we are able to offer many decoration services... think direct print, labelling (including clear 'no-look' labels), metallic banding... and more, just ask!

Spirit and Evoke ranges of all-plastic, monomaterial airless dispensers for skincare from Richmond Containers