What is a pipette?

What is a pipette?

There are many different packaging terms out there, and it can all become quite confusing.

So as a start...what is a pipette? And what are pipettes used for?

Pipette definition

Other terms used: dropper pipette, pipette dropper, cosmetic dropper, cosmetic pipette, smoothwall pipette, smooth collar pipette, ribbed pipette, pipette teat, dispensing pipette, pipette dispenser

Many people ask...How does a pipette work? What is the use of a pipette? What is a dropper and what is a pipette used for?

Squeezing the bulb creates a vacuum when it is inserted into a liquid-filled container. This vacuum then draws up the liquid when the bulb is released. Pipettes are a common dispensing method, and in the skincare and body care industry are a great way of dispensing oils and serums.

What is a pipette for? Dropper pipettes can be used for a wide variety of applications - common pipette applications are skincare serums and oils.

There are a number of different shapes and styles of pipette. View our full pipette range here.

The 3 components:

1. Bulb - this can be manufactured in a range of materials - from stock in silicone or rubber

2. Holecap - available in smoothwall or ribbed and a range of colours

3. Glass Pipette - number of lengths available to suit the bottle

Pipette components

Richmond offers a wide range of pipette droppers from stock - silver, gold and black smoothwall pipettes and black and white ribbed pipettes.

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