Traditional Ribbed Pharmaceutical Pipettes vs Smoothwall Cosmetic Pipettes

When it comes to choosing packaging it's a hard choice...we admit that...and the reason is because everyone knows that the packaging matters!

Eye-catching packaging is always more likely to entice the buyers into a purchase, even the savvier of customers that know the importance of content and are familiar with your brand will subconsciously evaluate the product as a whole. From the bottle onwards, to content, price and ease of use, it all matters. What the consumer most likely won’t and shouldn’t worry about is the technical aspect of packaging. But both us and the brand owner certainly need to think about that very carefully even when it comes to something as straighforward as pipettes.

So when you look at pipettes, we class these in 2 categories: ribbed traditional pharmaceutical pipettes and smoothwall cosmetic pipettes.

The choice is yours and often the brand will immediately land you in one category or the other. It is not only the look that may sway your choice but also the materials and the option of tamper evidence. Often your branding will immediately land you in one category or the other but you can always count on our technical advice for guidance on neck specifications and materials. The ribbed pipettes can create a good traditional or clinical image, while the smoothwall aluminium sheathed pipettes give a product a luxurious look and make for a modern and sleek package.

Further customisation options are available with the Smoothwall Cosmetic Pipettes! Choose your collar - matt gold, gloss gold, matt silver, gloss silver or matt black - and choose your silicone bulb colour - black or white.

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