The NEW Embrace Upside-Down Squeeze Foam Pack Is Here!

Now in stock, and proudly appearing on our webpages for the very first time, this already-popular pack is proving its benefits across the full range of foam dispensing requirements.

The Embrace® foam pack.

Embrace Upside Down Squeeze Foam Pack from Richmond

How to use upside-down squeeze foam pack diagram. Fully recyclable foam pack from RichmondEmbrace® is a new twist on what your customers already know - and it's intuitive to use. Rather than continually pressing down a pump for individual doses, just turn it upside down and squeeze, for perfect foam dispensing. The foam dispensed is 'dryer' due to the head design - in terms of UX, this means a soft, light foam which does not feel wet.

Currently available from stock in three sizes, 50ml, 100ml and 300ml, this pack is suitable for a wide range of uses - and it overcomes the recycling question, as it is 100% recyclable and contains no metal parts. The snap-on head is a familiar style of fitting, making it compatible with existing filling lines.

For the consumer, the ergonomic bottle shape ensures ease of use, and the secure flip cap prevents accidental damp marking, even when upside-down in a handbag or pocket.

...go on, give it a squeeze.

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50ml Embrace Foam Pump alternative from Richmond 100ml Embrace Foam Pump alternative from Richmond 300ml Embrace Foam Pump alternative from Richmond