Premium Beauty


A diverse range of shaped jars with unlimited customisation options. Ranging from 5ml to 200ml the Avoca is a popular choice for semi-premium products.

sapphire jars

Sharp and sleek the Sapphire jars will give an edge to your brand. A 2-part cap gives opportunity to incorporate a stylish gloss/matte effect.

sapphire bottles

To co-ordinate with the Sapphire Jars, Sapphire bottles in a range of sizes including an airless pack for premium skincare products.

arran jars

Eye-catching small jars with an easy to hold bulbous shape.

arran bottles

Streamlined teardrop bottles to co-ordinate with the Arran jars and tottles.

arran tottles

Mini squeezable tottles for dispensing topical treatments or sample packs.


A sporty profiled range of bottles and jars for shower, shave, spa and skincare products.


Our new star in the Airless family, Pearla Airless Pen features a precision nozzle with a sensitive push button.


The unique single use dropper system.


A versatile pack for liquid make-up, to mesh with any skincare range.