New 15ml Mallaig Glass Bottle - Make a Sustainable Statement


Sustainable. Versatile. Stunning. The new 15ml Mallaig glass dropper bottle promises all of the above - and a lot more!

The latest addition to the Mallaig range (named after the beautiful West Coast town), the 15ml size comes with a standard 20/410 neck, meaning it is compatible with a wide range of pipettes, treatment pumps and other closures.

Small enough to be a tester pack for a larger sized product (don't miss our article on the online effect), yet large enough to contain a premium oil or serum, this recyclable glass pack opens up a new range of options.

And that's not all... it also works perfectly with our pipette wiper seal, wiping the pipette clean as it is drawn out, to keep your bottle, and your brand, clean and sharp on the consumer's dressing table!

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Decoration - Standing Out, for the Right Reasons

Eco-friendly glass Mallaig bottle, new 15ml size, decorated with foil

If it takes just 7 seconds for a consumer to form an impression of your product on first sight, then yes, a premium glass bottle is a very important part of that impression.

However, another huge part is the finishing touches - not only the closure, but the printing, labelling, foiling, spraying, or other decoration processes used to make your brand stand out on the shelf... or the website... or the dressing table... or the bathroom cabinet!

Richmond love to approach the whole pack from the view that the quality and user experience of the pack will continue to sell your brand and your product long after the initial purchase.

Email us now about a decoration project for this pack

Please note, a minimum of 5,000 pcs per SKU applies for most decoration projects.

Eco-friendly glass Mallaig bottle, new 15ml size, decorated with foil