Richmond's Mission Statement

We design, create and supply beautiful and sustainable packaging for skincare and personal care.

Our mission is to play our part in making your consumers see your brand* as one holistic, consistent experience.

* whether you own the brand, design the brand or fill for the brand, it is still your brand.

Our core values

You've heard all the usual ones before. When we talk about values at Richmond, we're talking about a unique set of things which give us our character, rather than just saying the same things as everyone else. These are things which give us backbone, and make our customer service team helpful and unique.

Expert Richmond Containers team of Packaging Technologists. We are determined | We are optimistic | Everyone has talent | Being an expert is a journey
Core Values - We Are Determined. The will to succeed is high.

We are determined.

Core Values - We are optimistic - we believe in our collective ability.

We are optimistic.

Core Values - Being an Expert is a Journey. We are never quite satisfied with the status quo.

Being an expert is a journey.

Core Values - Everyone Has Talent. We put task-tension high and people-tension low.

Everyone has talent.

Interested in joining?

If you'd like to learn more about Richmond and what we really stand for, this video will give you more about our values, providing an insight into the things which meld the team into the strong unit that it is! If you are interested in joining, please send us your details.

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