mallaig bottles

Mallaig glass serum bottles take a wide range of pipette droppers. An ideal serum bottle with sustainability credentials - glass is infinitely recyclable.

If you've ever visited the pretty west coast port of Mallaig, you will understand that there are many fantastic connotations attached to the name. The place is full of an enduring beauty - in fact, anyone who sees it usually falls in love at first sight!

This is a range of super premium glass bottles, with their timeless sharp-shouldered shape giving simple elegance, and with the addition of the 100ml size in clear and acid-etch frosted finishes, the range keeps improving!  

And it's not just a pretty face! - on a more practical note, the standard 20/410 neck size means the range is compatible with a huge range of closures, so you can realise your dream pack with just a few simple choices.

A truly stunning and versatile range for skincare serums, beauty ranges and more!

the range

15ml Mallaig sustainable glass dropper serum bottle
Recyclable 30ml Mallaig glass serum bottle for skincare oils and serums
50ml Mallaig cylindrical glass bottle, recyclable bottle for premium skincare applications
100ml Mallaig cylindrical glass bottle, recyclable glass cosmetic bottle for body spray and cleansers and other skincare applications

pipette wiper seal

The Mallaig range of cosmetic glass serum bottles is compatible with the pipette wiper seal, which keeps the pipette clean and the

With the exception of the 50ml size, the Mallaig range is compatible with the Wiper Seal Insert, a neat addition to your pack, which slots inside the neck rather like a reducer plug. When in place, it wipes the excess product from the pipette every time it is withdrawn - so your Mallaig bottle stays as clean as new, and keeps your brand image looking great long after the competition's bottles have a gritty or sticky residue gathering around the neck threads!

decoration options

Mallaig glass bottles can be decorated using spray, frost, printing and more, while still remaining recyclable

Many of our decoration options are possible on the Mallaig range, which means they are great for customisation to suit your brand and help you retain your uniqueness and superiority in the marketplace. Standard finishes available include amber, matt black, gloss white, and frosted, but the list is almost endless! In addition, they can have printing, labelling, or foiling, to stamp your brand consistently right onto your pack. Please note that MOQs of around 5,000 pcs per SKU will apply.

standard sprayed finish options

Spa-like quality and refinement is brought a step closer with our standard range of sprayed finishes. Mallaig bottles can be customised in any colour of your choice, but we wanted to make it easier to access a range of relevant, classy finishes to bring out the beauty of your brand. Here you will find a range of beautiful finishes, including matt black, gloss white, frosted, and amber - all available from just 5,000 pcs per SKU and above! And never forget, we can customise your bottle to your unique specifications if you prefer - take a look at our decoration options!

Mallaig glass bottles are available in a range of finishes as standard - ideal for brands of skin serums and oils

closure systems

Pipettes compatible with Mallaig glass serum bottles


Pipette wiper insert to keep pipette and bottle clean and bottle neck free from residue

pipette wiper insert

Atomiser finger sprays compatible with the Mallaig bottle range for skincare products, premium facial and body mists and more

atomiser sprays

Lotion or serum pumps compatible with the Mallaig range of cosmetic glass bottles

treatment pumps

Full overcap covering collar of pump. Suits pumps for Mallaig bottle range, cosmetic glass skincare bottles.

full overcap

The beauty of the Mallaig system is the huge range of compatible closures - including some subtle tricks to enhance your pack further - like the pipette wiper insert, or the full overcap which gives a striking appearance when used with one of the compatible pumps.

Sustainable cosmetic quality glass cylindrical dropper bottle for serums and skincare products, fits great range of dropper pipettes.