It's Hot! - and PET Bottles Don't Like It

It's Hot! - and PET Bottles Don't Like It

PET is a very sensitive material, which seems suprising. With the current weather in the UK being comparatively very hot, some customers are already proving the need to take extra care with their packs, so we thought we'd share this with you so that you can, too.

Why have my PET Bottles Warped? Why are they leaking?

A few people have noticed issues like these, so we're going to give you our full list of tips for properly storing and caring for PET bottles.

      • Do not store above 35 degrees Celcius (95 degrees Farenheit), to avoid heat deformation.

      • Take care when arranging transit and temporary storage - avoid trucks with black curtains, and do not store pallets on trailers.

      • Keep out of direct sunlight - this can be tricky when taking into account skylights and loading dock areas.

      • Keep away from external heat sources - a motor exhaust or a heater may create an overly warm area in the storage facility.

      • Do not shrink- or stretch-wrap before use in production.

      • Do not store with glass or brittle plastics, to avoid cross-contamination in the event of a breakage of one of these types of product.

      • Store away from areas with strong odours, and away from cleaning chemicals and materials, to prevent odour contamination.

      • Avoid excessive force, and carefully read all recommendations regarding stacking of pallets.

Bear in mind that the distortion may be very slight even if the bottle has been exposed to any of these extreme conditions - so it may not be visible, but may result in the screw closure not screwing on correctly, or perhaps preventing a successful seal on the bottle thus resulting in leaks.

With all that said and done, following the above checklist will make storing your PET bottles and jars remarkably easy - and while we're tablking about PET, let's not forget that it's one of the most easily recyclable plastics around, and more and more people are recognising it as such. Combined with its light weight, its strength, and its clarity, this often makes it a strong environmental choice - and it looks great too!

Just make sure that, like the vast majority of our packs, your bottles are made from PETE and not PETG if you are looking for the recyclability factor - but that's another story.

Enjoy the summer - and stay safe - everyone!