Hand Sanitiser Packs: Guide to Current Availability

Richmond continue to strive to support the wonderful work being done across the UK in supplying hand sanitiser.  With so much stock sold out and future productions booked up, we have now committed to giving you a daily update on product availability across a range of suitable products.

Please note that this guide is updated daily and is not a live picture of stock position.  Please contact us only if you are in a position to make commitment to secure stock, as we cannot reserve stock currently due to the high demand.

We reserve the right to stop producing this guidance page at any time.

With that said... please find below some key items and their next availability dates - we're glad to do all we can to help you!

OSG250N and 20SFTP Update

BR200CT.1 Update

FBR300CT Update

AR500N Update

CY300CT Update

BR1000N Update

BBR250CT Update