Foam Dispensers and Soft Touch Bottles

How do foam pump dispensers work?

Our foam dispensers are a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid into a foam. They feature two chambers, one for liquid and one for air. When the pump is pressed, the solution is mixed together within the top chamber and pushed through a mesh to dispense a measured dosage of foam.

What can foam pump dispensers be used for?

There are many applications including hair care, soaps, sanitiser, infant and adult skincare, beauty cosmetics and more. Speak with us for more information related to your product.

Are the foam pump dispenser designs customisable?

The foam dispensers are available in many different colours, sizes and styles, and can be completed to varying decoration and printing specifications.

Wondering how certain cosmetic and beauty brands get that luxurious, premium feel? Say hello to our soft touch bottles.

Already aesthetically pleasing to the eye with a matt, fine brushed effect, the bottles resemble the sturdiness of brushed metal without the weight or chill.

The rubber velvet-like coating is applied to the bottles for a softer, more tactile texture that your customers won't want to put down. If your product is aiming for top shelf placement, this bottle exudes professionalism.

Also available in a variety of colours, the finished product will give an understated yet high quality impression.

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