Embrace® Foam Dispensing

The recyclable alternative to foam pumps...

Embrace upside-down squeeze recyclable foam range
Introduction to Embrace®

Embrace® is a fully recyclable foam pump alternative - helping you to achieve better sustainability for products which require foam dispensing.

Embrace upside-down squeeze recyclable foam range, ideal for tanning and other skincare mousse products

The Embrace® Concept

Demonstration of upside-down squeeze foam dispensing pack - EmbraceWith a range of sizes available, from 50ml through to 300ml, it's a twist on what your consumers already know, and it's intuitive to use. Just turn it upside down and squeeze, for perfect foam.

These packs create a extremely fine, silky foam, termed a 'dry' foam, due to our carefully designed foaming head. This means it is soft and light, holding its shape well and providing a light moisture without feeling at all 'wet' on the skin.

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Embrace upside-down squeeze recyclable foam range, ideal for tanning and other skincare mousse products

Recyclable Foam Dispensing

The major win for Embrace® foam dispensing is that it can easily be successfully recycled in standard household recycling schemes (in the UK).

Standard foam pumps cannot easily be recycled in council recycling schemes, due to multiple materials bonded together in the construction - including metal and glass. If standard pumps are then left attached to the bottle, the whole process could be compromised for that item.

With Embrace® on the other hand, it's just super clear and easy for consumers to understand what to do - place the whole pack in the plastic recycling bin.

Embrace recyclable foam dispensing - PP bottle and pump in almost completely monomaterial plastic, meaning easy, successful recycling in standard recycling schemes.

Eco-Dispense™ recyclable options for foam dispensing, spray dispensing and foam dispensing of skincare products
The Wider Eco Dispense Range

Embrace® is part of the wider Eco-Dispense range. This range covers fully recyclable, sustainable options for not just foam dispensing, but also lotions, creams and sprays.

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Eco-Dispense range: Eco-Mist recyclable atomisers, Eco-Lotion recyclable soap and lotion pumps

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