Case Study:

Dual Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser

This project aimed to address the need for a wall mounted dispenser for a foaming soap or cleansing product, where two reagent liquids are held in separate chambers and only mixed at the point of dispensing.

Working with a key client, Richmond looked at the available options. There were other options available in the market already, as the concept of mixing two reagent liquids at point of use for greater effectiveness, has been already proven and utilised. However, other patented methods were complicated and therefore expensive in their construction.

Richmond tackled this issue with the design of a simple, square bottle pack with an outlet channel in one corner. The concept works by placing two of these bottles together, rotated so that the outlets are positioned adjacent to each other. The outlets are then connected to a foaming head which has two input connectors and a single actuator head, to combine the two liquids and pass them through a foaming mechanism. This maximises the effectiveness both by combining the two reagents right at the point of use, and also creating a foam which spreads the surface area of activity further.

View UK Patent No 2540119B Certificate of Grant

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Concept Drawing, UK Patent No 2540119B Dual Bottle for Wall Mounted Foaming Soap or Cleanser Dispensing

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