Creativity is in our blood. Our skills extend far beyond simply providing a bottle to accommodate your product’s requirements. With expert backing, walk step-by-step through a careful process to make something unique, that will stand out on the shelf from the very first glance.

The creative process

Richmond’s team of experienced consultants bring new ideas to the table, and can connect you with cutting-edge products, concepts and technologies, so the pack in your imagination can come to life. We can manage the project process from creative innovation, through full specification, to design, manufacture and commercialisation.

Packaging Creativity - Richmond processes such as embossing, engraving, labelling, printing, directly onto jars for skincare and cosmetic.

Take this jar, for example. Just how complex is the process to get a jar like this from initial concept drawings, right through and onto the shelf? With Richmond, it's as easy as... well, watch for yourself:

Packaging creativity to help your skincare brand stand out on the shelf

Standing out from the crowd

Strong brands transcend trends, differentiate from competitors, increase perceived value and promote customer loyalty.

We like nothing more than developing a pack which not only increases shelf appeal, reduces costs and optimises efficiency of the filling process, but also uses our full expertise in materials and manufacturing to ensure that the pack moves smoothly from vision to market.

So, whether you're looking for an exact colour match, or a different material for your pack, or a completely custom design (check this case study) - talk to Richmond.

Future packaging trends point towards active and intelligent products. Keeping in tune with emerging trends globally and the rapid advances in smart packaging is a vital part of what we do and presents wide scope for product differentiation.

To us, Packaging Creativity means ensuring you stand out from the crowd with a brand that rings true and promotes your customers’ loyalty.

If you've already seen a product that you like, you can of course customise this with your brand - we're here to help.

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Packaging creativity to help your skincare brand stand out on the shelf


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