Core Purpose


We are passionate about our customers’ containers, packaging and branding needs. As individuals, and together as a team, we strive to make great packaging accessible to all.

People behind the mission of Richmond Containers - making great sustainable cosmetic primary packaging accessible


Richmond will be recognised as the quality provider of service-based solutions because our experience is the trusted solution, and our qualities the industry benchmark.

Measuring up to the Richmond Vision - providing sustainable bottles and jars for skincare products

Our Core Values

We are dedicated to continuously improving our customer service - therefore, we base our ever-growing product range on our clients’ needs. Our corporate culture and values support us in this. In fact, as you read them, they are likely to ring true in your ears - they are probably no different to your own guiding principles.

  • We don’t shy from Hard Work.
  • Inspiring Optimism – optimism is infectious and we like to spread it.
  • Cultivating Loyalty – it’s always earnt, not won!
  • We are Environmentally Conscious.
  • Fostering Innovation – we recognise things can be done better, to innovate is to survive.
  • Some situations require an unorthodox approach, so we keep a Broad & Open Mind.
  • Doing what it takes to put it right – when a mistake is made it takes Humility to correct it.

Support and team spirit behind values of Richmond Containers, providers of primary packaging to skincare and cosmaceutical markets