Glass & Plastic Jars

Jars are widely used for products that are too thick for bottles, requiring direct access by scooping or spreading with fingers or a spatula. Jars are usually made from glass or plastic and come with screw-on lids to ensure the product remains sealed and uncontaminated. They are preferred for:
•    Creams and Moisturisers: Ideal for thicker formulations, allowing users to control the amount they use.
•    Scrubs and Masks: The wide opening of jars facilitates easy access to products with varying textures.
•    Balms and Butters: Particularly for lip balms, body butters, and other solid or semi-solid formulations.
Material Choices and Sustainability
•    Glass: Offers an upscale look, is highly recyclable, and provides excellent protection against air and light, particularly for UV-sensitive products. However, it is heavier and more fragile.
•    Plastic: Versatile and durable, plastic is lighter and less prone to breakage, making it suitable for a wide range of products. Recent advances in bioplastics and recycling processes have improved its sustainability profile.
•    Metal: Occasionally used for certain types of cosmetic packaging, metal offers durability and a premium feel, often used for high-end perfumes and lip balms.

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