Which is Better, Direct Printing or Clear Labelling?

23/11/2022 Decoration / Product Enhancement Services

When you're going through the design process for any new pharmaceutical or skincare range, this is a question that often...

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Opening Hours - Christmas and New Year 2022/2023

23/11/2022 Holiday Closure Notices

Richmond's offices will close at 5pm on 22nd December 2022, and re-open on 3rd January 2023. Despatches will...

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NEW Spirit and Evoke Recyclable Airless Pump Bottles

04/10/2022 New Products

These fully recyclable airless pump bottles give you everything you love about...

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It's Showtime! - PCD London, 21st and 22nd September 2022

26/08/2022 Events

The PCD Exhibition is coming to The Olympia as part of London Packaging Week 2022! What's more, you'll find Richmond on...

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Leaking Primary Packaging - Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

05/08/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

To begin with, we're going to give you one bold statement from the experts: a correctly designed and specified pack should not ever...

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It's Hot! - and PET Bottles Don't Like It

18/07/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

PET is a very sensitive material, which seems suprising. With the current weather in the UK being comparatively very hot, some...

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New GL18 Overcaps - Give Added Shelf Presence to Your Pack

29/06/2022 New Products

There's nothing quite like a full overcap to add...

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How to Match a Bottle or Jar with a Closure: Neck and Closure Threads and Dimensions Explained

27/05/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

To get a compatible pack, for example a bottle and pump, or a jar and lid, you need to have...

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Glass Packaging Defects and How to Identify Them

29/04/2022 Glossary / F A Qs

Defects in the construction of your glass bottles and jars are relatively rarely seen these days, with the huge improvements in quality control. However, when...

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Thinking About Our Values and Why We're Here

24/03/2022 Events

Sometimes you need to take a moment to think about how you've changed over the years, and whether you've become different to what you...

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