Demystifying PETG - How does it differ from PET and can you recycle it?


What is the difference between PET and PETG? Find out the basics of the two polymers and their affects on the environment...

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New PCR Foam Pump - The Recycled & Sustainable Alternative

29/06/2021 New Products

With all visible parts made from recycled content, the PCR foam pump is a sustainable alternative for...

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Richmond Donate to Ocean Generation

08/06/2021 Events

Richmond are pleased to have been able to donate to ocean generation to support the efforts to save our oceans...

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What Will the UK's Plastic Packaging Tax Mean for You?

14/05/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

Will I have to pay the tax? Currently, we believe one of the most likely scenarios is that...

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Donation to Rutherglen and Cambuslang Foodbank

28/04/2021 Events

Richmond continue to support local charities, and we found a fantastic opportunity to work with a local...

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New 15ml Mallaig Glass Bottle - Make a Sustainable Statement

30/03/2021 New Products

Sustainable. Versatile. Stunning. The new 15ml Mallaig glass dropper bottle promises all of the above - and a lot...

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Opening Hours - Easter 2021

24/03/2021 Holiday Closure Notices

Richmond's offices and distribution hub will be closed on Friday 2nd April 2021 and Monday 5th April 2021. Please...

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Glass Jars and Bottles - the Sustainable Choice?

03/03/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

Glass has the reputation of being an eco-friendly choice, while plastic suffers negative press. Is this justified when...

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Why Successful Cosmetics Brands are Suddenly Taking Mini Tester Packs Seriously

17/02/2021 Glossary / F A Qs

In a luxury market where a discerning consumer thinks nothing of paying £25 or more for a single jar of face cream, premium brands used to offer testers at the beauty counters of every high street retailer. But those...

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New 10ml Glass Richmond Jar - Small Jar, Big Mission

09/02/2021 New Products

At just 41.5mm in diameter, the new 10ml Richmond Jar is certainly small. That doesn't stop it from having...

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