Why We Believe Moisturising is as Important as Brushing Your Teeth

06/08/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

It's a tough world we live in, in many ways. Take skincare for example - there are so many factors all around us that can...

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Storing PET Bottles: Eight Things That Might Catch You Out

03/07/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

PET is a surprisingly sensitive material.  With many PET bottles currently being...

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Hand Sanitiser Packs: Guide to Current Availability

05/06/2020 Coronavirus Information / Updates

With so much stock sold out and future productions booked up, we have now committed to giving you a daily update on product availability across...

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Hand Sanitiser Packaging: One of Brewdog's Biggest Challenges

16/04/2020 Coronavirus Information / Updates

"One of our biggest challenges was getting containers" says Brewdog's James Watt.  Glad to help there where...

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COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Message from Richmond Management

08/04/2020 Coronavirus Information / Updates

Richmond would like to offer you a big heart-warming reassurance that we are right here for you in the current...

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Black is the New Green - The New Black Aluminium Caps Range

19/02/2020 New Products

Have you seen our range of black aluminium caps?  Aluminium has always been popular due to...

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Packaging Industry Commentary - The Recyclability of Aluminium

12/02/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

There are many arguments around the features and environmental...

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Ella's Story

11/02/2020 Events

Ella approached Richmond last year for some assistance, as once she has finished her GCSEs she is taking part in a...

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A Look Back at Quarter 4 2019

23/01/2020 Events

Richmond's Quarter 4 2019 was well sprinkled with events to help...

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What is PCR Packaging?

20/01/2020 Glossary / F A Qs

PCR means Post-Consumer Recycled material  - in simple terms, it is packaging that is being given a second...

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