Why do beauty brands create small volume packs?

Why do beauty brands create small volume packs?

When it comes to pack size, there are all sorts of views and reasons for debating in the beauty industry – big and lasting, small and convenient. The Richmond team decided to study the uses for small packs and the list seemed to go on!

Travellers delight

Back in September 2006, when the regulations for liquid allowances on flights were adjusted, there was a huge shift in pack sizes! The 100ml limit brought challenges to a lot of every day skincare and personal care items that travellers were taking with them daily – from toothpaste to tanning mousse, conditioners and creams - it was all change!

Today, go to Boots, Asda, Superdrug – nearly anywhere – and find the Travel Pack section with mini packs! Air travel is trending upwards and your small pack could be that regular shopping list item – make the packaging great!

Turning testers into sales

Nothing beats getting your own small portion of a new or interesting product for you to take and try and test – when you walk into the beauty store and get handed a glitzy tester pack of a premium skincare cream – I can almost see your eyes light up!

Usually these packs would range from around 3ml to 10ml – sounds small but surveys show that regardless of size it’s enough to allow the consumer to test before buying.

It’s a simple way to impress consumers with your brand, and the primary packaging plays a huge part in this. Turning testers into sales!

Brilliant beauty boxes

Listen to this – ‘Beauty brands might soon be selling more sample sizes than ever, with the help of Amazon’. Is this you?

Amazon, amongst other retailers, have started offering monthly beauty subscription boxes filled with small luxury facial skin care, beauty and cosmetic products.  But this is not all. They are now also offering men’s grooming and sun care boxes! It’s ultimate convenience for the user!

Shrinking handbags

For most women, that little beauty pouch isn’t so little any more – there are always more wonder-treatments to fit in! A recent hit for beauty brands is selling sets for beauty regimes – the smaller, the better to fit them all in and have them with you when you want them!

So, 20ml is better than 30ml and 5ml is better than 15ml. The trend is downward.

It's not December but it's time we thought about calendars and baubles

What a fantastic idea! I suppose you could call it a beauty!

Some glitter and glee for your range at the end of year when spirits are high and holidays are nigh! Get your product onto a high-street retailer’s Christmas promotion spree through either: a beauty advent calendar, proving a new and exciting lotion or potion every day on the run-up to Christmas; or, a shimmering bauble with a difference – a premium beauty surprise on the big day!

It’s something useful, lasting and appreciated! Is your product in drawer number 25?

There's just one last aspect I want to add, before all excitement overtakes! Packaging is number one! With small packs on the increase, remember: the consumer first sees the packaging and is last left with the packaging - there's no option but for it to be brilliant and suited to the need.

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