What is Sulapac?

What is Sulapac?

Bio-based materials are being used more and more for Skincare, and Sulapac develop market-leading biodegradable materials that can be used for a range of different skincare and personal care containers.

What is Sulapac Bioplastic made out of?

Sulapac use their own unique ingredients that make their range of materials, which include wood products and plant based binders. They use wood products that are from the wood industry's processing side streams to create materials which are recyclable, bio based and sustainably sourced. This means that, unlike normal plastic products, products made from Sulapac materials leave no permanent microplastics behind when they biodegrade. 

All this means that Sulapac have created a product that is highly sustainable, but still functional and beautiful at the same time. In the world of skincare cosmetics packaging, where brands are searching for the most sustainable solutions out there, whilst having well-designed packaging, Sulapac is a near-perfect solution.

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You can find out anything else you need to know on their website. Go check it out! Come back later though won't you, we enjoyed having you here.

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How can I use Sulapac?

If you would you like to use Sulapac in a custom project with Richmond, like the Sulapac Stanton Jar in the picture, please enquire now.

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What other sustainable options do you offer?

Sometimes custom projects using new materials can be very daunting, but there are other sustainable packaging options out there that can be used. Here are a few options that Richmond can provide:

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