What is a Shive?

What is a Shive?

When one of our team mentions a shive, we can get a variety of responses. Some people know exactly what we're on about, whereas others have a completely different name for it and some have never even seen one! In this blog, we will try to cover all bases and explain what a shive is and how useful they can be.

The Basics.

50ml Stanton Jar with compatible shive - perfect for your skincare or cosmetics formulation.The most common definition of shive is "a broad bung hammered into a hole in the top of a cask when the cask has been filled." However, in the skincare and cosmetics packaging world, it has a slightly different meaning. A shive is a plastic disc that sits in the mouth of a jar, underneath the cap. (We sometimes hear it being called an "inner lid")
Another confusion that often crops up with shives is how to say it, so here's the correct pronunciation:

50ml Stanton Jar with compatible shive - perfect for your skincare or cosmetics formulation.
Once the cap has been removed, the shive can then be removed, as you can see in the picture. This provides a more premium experience for your consumer, and also prevents your skincare or cosmetics cream from sticking to the lid and the thread of the jar.

At Richmond, we have the shive shown in the picture, which suits our 50ml glass Richmond Jar and our 50ml polypropylene Stanton Jar. We also have a low profile option for the 50ml glass jar which you can check out here. This is similar to the Shive shown in the picture, except it does not have a pull tab or a recess.

Our shives to suit our 50ml glass and polypropylene jars are made out of polypropylene (perfect for creating a monomaterial, recyclable pack with our Stanton Jars).

Other Options

We can also provide a shive to suit our R3/70 straight-sided jars, as well as a shive to suit our Opal jar.

If you are looking for a custom Shive, perhaps for a different size of Jar, or even with your logo embossed in it, please get in touch with our team; that's the type of project we excel at!

What Shives do we offer?

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Why would I want a Shive?

A Shive is a great addition to any premium skincare or beauty cream pack. It actually helps to increase the perceived value of a skincare product in the eyes of the user, because it adds to the excitement of revealing the formulation. It also augments quality, luxury product feel by preventing the formulation from getting stuck to the lid and the threads of the jar.

We are sometimes asked if a shive will improve how a jar seals. This is not the case, as it is usually the soft seal fitted inside the cap that seals to the top rim of the jar, so while it may still work perfectly well in your pack, the shive is not likely to improve the seal.

If you like the sound of a shive, or any of the Jars mentioned in this blog, please get in touch with our team today.