What are the benefits of glass packaging?

What are the benefits of glass packaging?

These days there are many different alternatives to glass packaging out there, including plastics such as polypropylene and PET. However, glass does have its advantages, especially for premium skincare and cosmetics brands.

So... why glass?

Glass has it's place in the packaging market, and here are a few reasons why:

1) Is glass recyclable? Glass is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, it can be endlessly recyclable, multiple times, which makes it a sustainable choice for packaging. Due to the high temperature the glass is free of contaminants.

2) Glass is nonporous and stable, so avoids the challenges associated with plastic containers such as leaching, and no chance of taint from the packaging!

3) High perceived value. The weight and solidity of glass tells its own silent story about the quality of your product.

4) Glass has a near-nil rate of chemical interactions, thus ensuring your product retains its original pristine characteristics.

5) What is the recycled glass used for? Nearly 80% of glass that is recovered is made into new glass products. This includes our packaging, but also includes other items as diverse as door-knobs, beads, splashbacks, insulation and landscaping aggregates!