Thinking About Our Values and Why We're Here

Thinking About Our Values and Why We're Here

For a while we've been thinking about what Richmond has become. It's years and years now since we first wrote down what we stood for and listed out our values, and as we looked at them and talked about them, they still held true.

As we looked at them, a fiercely proud feeling rose up inside us -  Richmond has become a supportive place, nuturing a team of people and creating the best environment for them to thrive as individuals.

We could see something else though. That alongside all those good things, Richmond has developed into something more than it has been. Perhaps all we'd written didn't truly capture the whole picture any more. Perhaps the values, while true, were not actually the unique things about our culture that now mark us out from others as unique and different.

We talked it over, shared ideas, and pulled everyone together to look at where we've got to. And we're proud of the result - a clearer misison statement that shows what difference we actually make in our market space. A set of values that we can relate to; words that we understand, and that we can rally round as a team.

With all that serious thinking, the whole team needed a break...

Richmond provide company lunch to mark occasion of updating our mission and values
Richmond's team of packaging technologists and skincare packaging experts mark the occasion of updating our company mission statement
Steak sandwich provided as company lunch to mark the occasion of Richmond Containers CTP Ltd updating their written company values we headed back to the kitchen for a well-earned company lunch to mark the occasion!