The magical GlassPET explained

The magical GlassPET explained

When it comes to container material, and your specification is something premium...we have just the range for you!

What is GlassPET? GlassPET is used in Richmond’s Iona range of heavy-weight PET bottles and is designed to replace cosmetic glass bottles with numerous benefits.

Features of GlassPet ®:

a) Physical resistance: GlassPET is much stronger than AS and Acrylic, and most importantly, is virtually unbreakable compared to glass making it the ideal choice for products being shipped by courier and post.

b) Visual appearance: Due to it’s crystal-clear characteristics and ability to mould thick-walled bottles, GlassPET is visually much closer to actual glass than most other clear plastics.

c) Chemical resistance: GlassPET has excellent chemical resistance and it is suitable for most formulations. (However, we always recommend that you perform your own tests to ensure suitability). While AS, Acrylic and PETG are not suitable for acidic products and many solvent-based products, GlassPET seems to out-perform these other materials easily.

d) Eco-friendly: GlassPET is an exceptionally eco-friendly material which can be 100% recycled (recycle code #1). While other clear plastics such as Acrylic, SAN & PETG can technically be recycled, these materials fall under recycle code #7 (“other”) which means mixed plastics and therefore poor reuse characteristics. Glass is of course very recycleable but due to high amounts of energy used in manufacture and recycle glass, it tends to have a bigger carbon footprint.

e) Decoration: GlassPET is highly customizable and easy to decorate accurately due to it’s rigid character.

Recyclable GlassPET bottle range - Iona

Other terms for GlassPET®:
 heavy weight PET, heavy-weight PET, glass-like PET, glass/PET bottle, glass pet, glass polymer

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