Prevented Ocean Plastic

Prevented Ocean Plastic

Prevented ocean plastic is being used more and more in many different types of packaging, including a lot of plastic bottles and jars that are being used in the skincare and personal care industries.

What is prevented ocean plastic?

We couldn't put it better than the organisation behind the whole system, so here you go:

So, prevented ocean plastic is Post-Consumer Recyclate which specifically has been reclaimed from oceans, beaches, nearby waterways, or from mismanaged waste within 50km of the coastline. Some major global brands have chosen to use these categories for part of their range, which is successfully highlighting the issue on a worldwide scale. The World Economic Forum of 2019 noted that 80-90% of ocean plastic originates from developing countries, so it is important to address the issue with awareness and knowledge, and source the plastic from areas where it is going to make the biggest difference.
This is not plastic that has been recovered from the ocean, it is plastic that has been prevented from entering the ocean. Once plastic has entered the ocean, it is too late to recycle it, as the salt water degrades the plastic very quickly, making unsuitable for recycling.

Who is behind all this, and how do they do it?

The Prevented Ocean Brand and organisation's inspiring work has created this amazing system, and they now prevent over 1000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean every month, which is a huge achievement.
Prevented Ocean Plastic have plastic collectors in many different contries who collect this plastic and take it to collection centres, where they are sorted. They are then transported to factories, washed and processed according to quality standards.

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Learn about the Prevented Ocean Plastic organisation on their website.

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Richmond's Prevented Ocean Plastic Range

We have an ever-growing range of PET bottles manufactured using Prevented Ocean Plastic.

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