**NEW PRODUCT** Richmond Dropper Pipettes

**NEW PRODUCT** Richmond Dropper Pipettes

It gives us great pleasure to reveal our latest dropper pipette additions, so much so we’ve put our name on them! We are delighted to introduce you to our Richmond Dropper Pipettes:

What's special about our pipettes?

Glass Tube Graduated Dropper Pipettes Available in matt white, gloss white, matt black and gloss black,These pipettes are of a GL18 neck sizing making them a perfect match for any of our dropper bottles. They are available from stock in either matt black, gloss black, or matt white finishes. We have a selection of pipette bulbs and glass lengths to suit your final product requirements.

The holecaps (or collars) are smoothwall and are made in the UK from a single material - polypropylene. Due to the manufacturing process we can also offer the holecaps with PCR (post-consumer recycled) content, with colour matching service or different effects available.

Pipettes are known to be an ideal dispensing method when your product requires just a small dosage, you wish to convey the delicacy of your product.

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