**NEW** Gloss Gold Smoothwall Cosmetic Pipette and Treatment Pump

**NEW** Gloss Gold Smoothwall Cosmetic Pipette and Treatment Pump


Dispensing is how your customer will first interact with your product. As we know, first impressions count and the initial experience with your product is no different. We’re committed to expanding our ranges and as a result of high demand, we are pleased to introduce our Gloss Gold Smoothwall Cosmetic Pipette and Gloss Gold Smoothwall Treatment Pump.

Gloss gold cosmetic pipetteThe pipette features the class and elegance of a gloss gold collar with a simple, clean and complementary white silicone bulb.

The shine will catch anyone’s eye on a shop shelf, and the straight tip glass dropper pipette gives an attractive and sleek finish.

Pipettes in general are seen as precise methods of dosage to consumers meaning it is an ideal pairing for high-end skincare or cosmeceutical brands and are most popular with oils and serums. The glass component is also available in special lengths if required, please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

We also have our Gloss Silver Pipette. Both of these pipettes are of the 20/410 neck range and for a premium combination take a look at our 30ml Clear Glass Mallaig Bottle.

To finish your premium packaging, why not include our wiper seals? Keeping the neck of the bottle free from any product that may spill over and dry on the neck threads in the process of dispensing.

Our gloss gold treatment pump is perfect for lotions, moisturisers and other skincare and beauty applications. If a pipette is not ideal for your target customers, the treatment pump is also effective at dispensing oils and serums.


The gloss pipettes and treatment pumps both have a 20/410 neck, ideal for a range of containers, such as our Mallaig range.

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The treatment pump again features a gloss gold smoothwall collar with a white actuator - making a great pair for a range. Included is a clear overcap to prevent any accidental dispensing and to keep the actuator clean. The combination of gold, white, and protection from the clear overcap will not only catch the eyes of passers-by, but will sit nicely within a range of products.

Gloss gold treatment pumpThe pump is also of the 20/410 neck range and will suit the same bottle as the pipette. However, due to the flexibility of dip-tube length, taller bottles such as our 100ml Iona GlassPET bottle are suitable.

Get in touch with any requirements or questions!