New 10ml Glass Richmond Jar - Small Jar, Big Mission

New 10ml Glass Richmond Jar - Small Jar, Big Mission


Small Jar, Big Mission - the new 10ml Richmond Jar, 10ml sustainable glass jar, from Richmond ContainersAt just 41.5mm in diameter, the new 10ml Richmond Jar is certainly small.

That doesn't stop it from having a big mission, though. It presents you with a sustainable solution; a glass jar for tester packs, lip balms, eye creams, advent calendar sizes... the list goes on and on.

Don't miss the 'online effect' where many more shoppers are looking for small trial packs, as a result of not being able to visit a physical store and try the tester on the display.

10ml Richmond Jar - cosmetic sustainable glass jar, from Richmond Containers

Decoration: The Science of Stand-out...

Finding the way to ensure your pack tells its own authentic story. It's not only important, it's vital. It takes just 7 seconds to form an initial impression of a new product. In that time, your pack must quickly display your key brand values to your target consumers.

Easy? No, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. That's why Richmond are here to assist. Please use the Contact Us form, or head over to the 10ml Richmond Jar page to place a quote request and use the notes section to describe your requirements.

Please note that minimum quantities of at least 5,000 pcs per SKU apply to most decoration projects.