Ella's Story

Ella's Story

Ella approached Richmond last year for some assistance, as once she has finished her GCSEs she is taking part in a volunteering trip to Ecuador with Camps International.

Richmond were very happy to donate glass jars and aluminium closures for Ella’s fantastic bath salts which she made and sold as part of her fundraising campaign at Christmas craft fairs.

What a worthy cause!

About the Trip

When Ella travels to Ecuador, she will be taking part in activities such as helping the local children with their schoolwork, and reforesting the environment with medicinal trees which keep getting cut down.

In the community she will be visiting, there is no clean water source, so the group will also be building a reservoir above the village to provide a central communal supply of water.

Richmond would like to express our admiration for this life-changing volunteering trip, and say how glad we are to support the vital cause.

Glass jars with aluminium lids donated by Richmond for Ella's fundraising for her volunteering efforts in Ecuador with Camps InternationalElla's stand at a Christmas fair in 2019 with products displayed in Jars donated by Richmond Containers - fundraising efforts for a volunteering trip to Ecuador with Camps International.Ecuador landscape.  Richmond Containers donated jars and closures for bath salts which Ella made as fundraising for her volunteering trip.