Decoration Focus - Printing

Decoration Focus - Printing

Printing directly on to your product’s container is an effective decoration choice. With no labels, products look sleek and professional without sacrificing on branding and information!

Development of Direct Print Techniques

What is printing? There are several methods of printing directly on to packaging such as bottles, jars, lids, and more but we will focus on just two.

What is Screen Printing? – The original technology is one of the earliest forms of printing however technology has refined the process to increase efficiency and quality. The process is relatively simple, but an experienced decorator team is essential. A frame is built with mesh stretched over it and an incredibly high quality stencil is applied. It is the openings in the stencil which allow the ink to pass through the mesh, giving you the printed image. Decorators’ machines are programmed to calculate the correct speed needed to rotate the bottle, jar, or other product in order for the blade to pull the ink across the stencil properly, achieving the correct artwork.

What is Digital Inkjet Printing? – Much in the same way as an inkjet paper printer, a bottle or jar can be rotated in a specially designed digital inkjet printer. This process is incredibly cost effective, but as a result we would not recommend this for premium products.

Screen printed perfume bottle


We work closely with our clients in helping find the best decoration method for their container, be it bottles, jars, lids or anything else.

We are more than happy to manage your decoration needs, which may include sourcing a designer for your artwork. We can also work with any artwork you may already have, and checks will be made with printers to ensure compatibility.



Lens on colour swatch

Colours and Textures

Many colours are available when directly printing on to products. For screen printing, artwork normally will need pantone references. Digital print is available in whatever colour you need.

There are a few different methods of direct printing which are now able to create textured effects. Depending on the design, this can be quite costly. We can help you decide which method is best for your artwork and branding ambitions.


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