Container vs Closure: Managing the Gap

Container vs Closure: Managing the Gap

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how close your closure, a pp cap for example, should be to your container, for example a glass cylindrical bottle. That's why we've tried to make it a bit clearer in this article.

It is a common request when specifying primary packaging to have the cap as close as possible to the shoulder of the container.

This makes for a clean-looking and well-proportioned pack.

The height of the thread is known as the ‘H’ dimension and plays a critical part in this subject.

If the cap and container are not specified correctly, it can lead to a poor image being conveyed. If the cap is too deep, it may not have room to screw down sufficiently and it won’t seal – not a desirable situation! If the cap is too shallow, there could be an unsightly gap between the closure and the jar or bottle shoulder.

H dimension diagram

Richmond can help by using our in-house compatibility software to check the dimensions prior to launch to ensure your expectations are met.

We can check what the likely minimum and maximum gap between cap and shoulder will be, and if necessary adjust to ensure that your complete package will work well and at the same time look great!

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