project management

Start with a creative brief and turn it into a workable solution for supply.

In those few words, a huge range of activities is covered, with many potential pitfalls along the way. Our experience in taking products through this journey, from concept to reality, has been gained over several decades. We work closely with our supply chain partners, and in tandem with our customers, to create great products, and to ensure the logistics are slick, so the products are right where they need to be when your customers ask for them.

Ascertaining the critical path, selecting the best processes and manufacturing plants, intensive communication, managing deadlines, setting up and exceeding AQLs... it's all in a day's work for Richmond as we ensure expectations are met on every hand.

Stockholding Service

Before we look at our bespoke project management service, let's just take a few moments to consider the value of our stockholding service for a huge range of products which we have already produced and hold in stock. These have an amazingly broad range of uses, and can help you save time and costs on your project.

Stockholding service - sustainable primary packaging for skincare, from stock, at Richmond Containers.

We understand it is hard to strike the right balance between the cost efficiencies of buying large quantities and the inefficiencies involved in storing and maintaining your stock.

This is why we can manage this element for you.

Our warehouse contains a vast number of stock items. In addition, for some custom items, we have Bespoke Product Stockholding agreements, or customised Call-Off Order arrangements in place, and these can be tailored to your needs and timescales ‐ so that when you need the stock, it's already being taken care of by our team!

Project Management

When you need us to manufacture something bespoke, or even just to decorate an item to your brand, we will take you through our simple yet magical process, to ensure your requirements are heard, and the end result is as stunning as your initial concept.

Design of bespoke primary packaging project management service from Richmond Containers.

1. review of your design brief

You will talk to a dedicated contact within the team here, who will actively listen to your requirement, to understand what your brand is aiming to achieve through the project. 

2. proposed solution

The detailed review of your existing design brief will result in a set of recommendations regarding the best methods of manufacture, decoration, labelling, or other processes that could be used for best results. This will include a strong eye to the best commercial arrangements, such as whether existing stocked products can be used as a base, or whether we are required to use a bespoke manufacturing run.

3. budget, timing and suitability analysis

We provide an initial estimation on costs to you based on your chosen solution, studying how cost, timing and product specifications meet with your expectations and demands. This helps to ensure success in progressing your project to market.

4. product details and specifications

We provide detailed specifications of the products proposed to you for your consideration. A simple step, but one with lots of value - having a detailed specification to review means no nasty surprises when the project completes!

5. prototyping/samples

Small batches, or sometimes even one-off samples are produced to allow you to see an indication of the finished result, and agree any fine quality tolerances that we are working within; every project is unique and has its own bespoke requirements.

6. testing, review and final approvals

Your testing process is critical, and Richmond will step with you through your process, ensuring you have relevant sample batches to perform tests on when they are needed. Whether you are aiming for a quick approval process covered off in a couple of weeks, or your programme requires full compatibility and possibly market research trials running into months or even years, we understand that technical requirements vary, and we are here to support.

7. locking it down

Now that everyone is perfectly clear what is required, firm commercials are agreed, production dates are clarified and all product specifications are documented and approved.

8. production

This is the moment! After all the work, final sign-off allows us to begin production of your beautiful new packaging, and give you some dates for shipping of your packaging that you can rely on, to help you finalise the plan for your filling and distribution processes. Get ready to stand out on the shelf!

Bespoke manufacturing project management service on glass primary packaging from Richmond Containers.