Decoration: How to Make Your Pack Your Own

When you need to stand out on the shelf, having an inspirational brand is a fantastic start. The next challenge is getting that brand to come to life in your products' primary packaging. Read on to discover more about some techniques you can utilise...

Screen printed (or direct printed) airless bottles for skincare formulations


Pad printing, screen printing, digital printing. Are you certain of the best way to get your message directly onto the pack? Printing is...

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Foil blocking decoration technique for skincare brand designs with metallic finish

Foil blocking

Foil blocking provides a range of finishes - often a metallic appearance such as gold, silver, rose gold or...

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Labelled personal care product in glass jar - packaging decoration technique


Pack labelling may have been underrated in the past, but it is finally coming into its own. The labels shown...

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Colour coated cosmetic glass bottles - including translucent and solid matt colouring

Colour coating

When you want to stamp your brand colour all over your pack, a great way to achieve this is colour...

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Frosted glass dropper bottle for serums and oils - spray coating also acid etch frosting


Frosting is another coating process that gives an appearance very similar to acid etching, but without some of...

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Embossing and debossing - embossed aluminium custom coloured lid for skincare brand jar

Embossing and debossing

The sense of touch is extremely powerful, and the resulting 3D profile, which embossing or debossing creates, allows a...

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Soft touch foam packs - soft feel finish on HDPE foam pump bottles

Soft touch

This effect really needs to be felt, to be understood. By slightly softening the hard surface of your pack, you...

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Metallised closures - smoothwall metallised closures for skincare products


Metallisation allows a bottle or closure to take on that deep reflective sheen that only metal can provide. The process ensures...

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Masterbatch colour plastic - foam pump pack in self-coloured HDPE

Masterbatch colour

Coloured masterbatch allows your plastic bottles or jars to be colour matched to your existing brand...

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