Opening a World of Bottling Options

Richmond Containers -  Scottish distributor of Saverglass® products for the spirits industry, brings a renowned global brand to your door. Distributing from Glasgow at the heart of this world-famous whisky and gin region, we’re your local supplier and stockists.

Scrolling over the images below you’ll open an exclusive world. One with the air of America’s 1920’s prohibition era, reimaged in the new Speakeasy Spirits Collection.

An era when the manufacturing, transporting and sales of alcohol was illegal – when bootleggers and smugglers, in the spirit of the earlier Scottish still owners, continued to distil and distribute their illegal spirits and play out a deadly game of cat & mouse with the law keepers. All to bring their wares to a thirsty and discerning public.

Now, in happier days, Richmond can help you find a bottle with a personality that matches the character of your craft. Choose SPEAKEASY – ‘The Craft Secret Line’. 24 exclusive Bottles and Decanters arranged in 4 design families.

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