Mankind’s relationship with metal goes back a long, long time, and in a way we are still fascinated by it!

Often used to achieve a premium finish in packaging, metal shelling or metallising could be just the thing to elevate the visual aspect of the finished product. But just what are the options for metal caps?



Often overlooked is Moulded Metal-Effect Closures, which, for minimal cost, a plastic closure is produced in a metal effect. Adding a ‘glittering’ component to the masterbatch to give a more realistic and deeper effect. However, it has drawbacks on the quality and consistency of finish.


Next option is Metallised Closures, where the caps are covered with a metallic coating to produce a variety of finishes although the most common are gold and silver. The start-up quantity on this type of closure is generally lower bringing a high-end appearance within the reach of smaller and fledging brands.


Metal shelled closures start as plain screw-caps which are covered with an aluminium over-shell. These can be further customised by choosing a custom colour, printing or special embossing. The appeal of metal-shelling is in the high quality finish and durability, and are cool to touch.


Last, but certainly not least… Our range of true, Metal Closures. These are usually in the form of aluminium or sometimes tinplate and can be coloured to every conceivable metallic finish, embossed and or printed for ultimate effect. Fully recyclable, this offers real advantages on volumes, but Richmond’s stock range also gives ease of supply with minimal delay.


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