Our new star in the Airless family, Pearla Airless Pen features a precision nozzle with a sensitive push button, enabling complete dispensing control!

Uncontaminated application of precious serums, creams and gels in expert skincare products.

5ml volume Ideal sizing for your precious products or perfect for travel packs
Precision nozzle Enables complete dispensing control
Customised for your brand Endless customisation option to fit with your branding
Metal-free Totally metal-free pack makes for easy recyclabling and a neutral flow path for your product
Supplied as just three components Order airless base, dispensing nozzle and screwcap - simple assembly process for the filling line
Pearla Airless Pen Dispensing Pack by Richmond Containers

Endless applications for the Pearla Airless dispensing pack - serums, eye creams, moisturisers, lip creams, topical applications, travel size, clutch bag essential - perfectly containing your brand!

CLICK HERE to download your Pearla Technical Specification and Data Sheet

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